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A fitness program and website dedicated to people who want to change their fitness, with the help of their faith.

Fitness for the Body and Soul

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This is the best hour I spend on Saturdays! All fitness levels are welcomed in this class no judgement
— Judy R.

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Our body wants more than just exercise. My classes are joy and peace for your soul. Through movement, worship, and community, you’ll not only get fit, you’ll find freedom to be who God created you to be.

Health and Wellness Retreat

A weekend retreat experience to revive your health, your fitness, your spirit and your life!

Upcoming Events

Be a part of our tribe and join us!


Pray, Move, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

My day starts with Prayer and quiet time with the Lord. Then exercise. Then everything else. It’s not the ‘work’out that counts. It’s the movement. I want to help you find your movement, your happiness, your peace, your freedom, your routine.

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A Positive Mind Makes All the Difference.

I know it’s said all the time, but having a positive attitude can make all the difference. Positivity restores the mind, it begins the healing process, and it helps you realize your self worth and self acceptance. Small changes make a big difference. My favorite positive difference? Repeating positive affirmations help in my journey of self love and acceptance. To positivity and healing!


Explore Your Faith

Faith, hope, and love. Those are the greatest gifts we’ve ever received. We can’t get anywhere without all three. I believe they can help you get to where you want to be. A little bit of hope that things can always be better, a little bit of love and self acceptance, and a whole lot of faith that God can get us there.

“[This training led by Sandra along with] The Wellness Revelation taught me to surrender my decisions to
God. After eight years of struggle with depression, it only took eight weeks to realign my priorities. Putting
God first has fixed every area of my life including diet, exercise, mental health. I now know that none of
these can improve without the strength He gives me and that my success is because of Him. My advice

for this program is to pray for the strength to love yourself in the good and the bad. I promise this program
will never guilt you into making a change; instead, it will repeatedly inspire you to break the chains of your
past with divine encouragement. Now I encourage you to get started. It will change your life like it did

A healthy Balance

Getting fit and being healthy is so much more than the dreadful task of workouts. I feel that it’s important to just simply move your body. Moving your body is your “get to”... it is a gift. Let’s not focus on the work or the exercise but on meeting with the Lord even when you exercise. Moving your body in worship will bring you a freedom that you have never felt before.


Change Your Fitness

Fitness doesn’t have to be a fantasy. It is attainable for you! I can help you find your fitness and mold it to what you need.